Alan Partridge TV Pitch Becomes Reality: Youth Hostelling With Chris Eubank

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Yep, it’s actually happened.

Fans of Alan Partridge will remember the moment Alan, in a bid to reignite his failing career, reels off a list of TV show pitches to a BBC commissioning editor.

His pitches included such classics as: Alan Attack (like the Cook Report, but with a more slapstick approach), Arm Wrestling with Chas and Dave, A Partridge Amongst The Pigeons, and of course – Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 09.38.57YouTube/Hostelworld

Chris Eubank recently took to Twitter to express his ongoing confusion with the joke, posting a message that said: ‘Can you please explain the link between me and youth hostels?’

But it turns out the former middleweight and Super-middleweight champion boxer saw the funny side and, 18 years later, has brought the joke into reality in this creative advert for Hostelworld.

Check out the brilliant clip below.

At last we have a taster of what to expect if a full series of Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank is finally commissioned.

We look forward to seeing Monkey Tennis hit our screens in the near future…