Aldi Customers Mocked For Queueing Outside For Kevin The Carrot Toys

kevin the carrot toyAldi

Despite being 24 years old and having no children of my own – except my cat of course – I am a fan of soft toys and buy them for myself.

When the Disney store has a sale on, it isn’t uncommon to see me fighting off kids to get a reduced stuffed Dumbo or Eeeyore.

So I can understand why people would queue to get their hands on a toy which has limited availability, especially at Christmas if it’s on their kid’s wish list to Santa.

But Kevin the Carrot? C’mon now!

kevin the carrot toyAldi

Since Kevin the Carrot first appeared in Aldi’s Christmas advert in 2016, he has truly taken over some people’s Christmases as children and adults alike fell in love with him.

Realising what a success the character was, Aldi pulls him out of the vegetable cupboard each Christmas even giving him a whole family including Katie, Pascal, Jasper, Chantenay and their baby.

Even though they are anthropomorphic vegetables who look dead behind the eyes, the characters are so popular Aldi stores become mobbed when the toy versions are released late November.

With the toys hitting shelves today after selling out online, people flocked to their local Aldi supermarket queuing for hours to get their hands on Kevin the Carrot and his pals.

Despite Aldi limiting shoppers to just two of each toy per person, excited Kevin fans piled into stores desperate to bag one in particular – a one metre tall Kevin the Carrot plush doll.

I’m not sure why though as this little girl’s eyes are clearly screaming ‘help’ as she cuddles close to Kevin:

kevin the carrot giant toyAldi

People took to social media to share photos of the lengthy queues which started outside shops this morning at 6.30am.

Some of these people were successful in bagging the toys sharing their success and joy on Twitter.

Posting a photo of a crowded car filled with Kevin’s family, Emily Humphreys wrote:

Mission Kevin the Carrot & Pascal the Parsnip complete!

Donna Elliott was also pretty chuffed she beat the crowd, writing:

When your one mission before work was to get Kevin the carrot swag! Mission accomplished!

Lola looked happy as she cuddled up to Kevin and his pals:

Up extra early this morning for a pre-school run dash to Aldi for the release of Kevin The Carrot and family. One happy Lola!

Of course many people missed out, meaning if they want a Kevin in their life they’ll have to turn to sites like eBay to purchase one.

Knowing how popular the toys are though, some sellers are trying to flog them for up to £950!

Surely they’re having a laugh?!?

eBay Kevin the CarroteBay

Many people couldn’t understand why someone would queue to get what essentially is a stuffed carrot which admittedly looks quite creepy.

Traci tweeted:

There was a massive queue of people waiting for Aldi to open. For Kevin the Carrot toys. What is happening?

Tasmin found the whole thing quite funny writing:

The queue outside of Aldi just made me crack up… all for Kevin the Carrot.

Well even though it isn’t exactly for me or you, people just can’t help but love Kevin!

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