Aldi Is Selling A Budget Hot Tub And It’s Amazing


Aldi has just introduced a new budget hot tub and it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

The German supermarket giant is always brim full of brilliantly priced goods and random crap to fill your home with, but now it seems it has got something you’d really want to splash out on.

Among the bizarre collection of oddments, Aldi is set to release its own hot tub at just £399 –  a fraction of the price you’d normally pay.


A full priced tub would set you back a scary £8,000, but this one is such a snip, it means your mates will be suitably impressed and there’s plenty of dough left for burgers and beer.

What’s even more exciting, is just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s shit and the supermarket has promised its tubs will include 120 jets, a heater and lockable, insulating cover.

Apparently B&Q also have the own version, but at £640, it’s almost double the price of Aldi’s wondrous offering and only has 88 jets.

Here’s the hot tub in action:

It’s being released online on April 6th and goes into the stores on April 9th.

Form an orderly queue if you want one.

These babies are set to sell out.