Aldi Mocks John Lewis Christmas Ad With ‘Man On The Moon’ Parody


A new front-runner in the Christmas ad war? 

Supermarket giant Aldi has now entered the Christmas advert race and it’s making everyone cry… with laughter.

The cheeky discount store has launched a pretty funny spoof of the tear-jerker ‘Man On The Moon’ advert that John Lewis released earlier this month and everyone, understandably, thinks it’s hilarious.


The tongue in cheek clip features their very own man on the moon, sitting on a bench with two telescopes… I think you can see what’s coming here.

The elderly man – who looks a hell of a lot like the guy in the original ad – points to one telescope and says “I like this one”, as he points to a telescope with a John Lewis price tag over it.

Then he adds: “And I like this one,” for the much cheaper Aldi version. As he gazes through the telescope he gasps: “But I’m over the moon with this one”.


Unlike the heart-warming version from the department store, Aldi have given the man a more permanent companion. With a glam gran seen floating on an armchair tied with helium balloons drifting towards him, to cheer him right up.

Once this hit our screens, the reaction on Twitter was pretty priceless. No-one seemed to have much sympathy for John Lewis…

Better luck next year guys…