Aldi Releases Matching Christmas Jumpers For You And Your Dog


Christmas jumpers are both cosy and jolly – and why should we humans hog all the fun?

Aldi has launched a brand new matching jumper range for you and your pet to celebrate your bond. Perfect whether you are a dog or a cat person. Or, of course, if you have a particularly fat rabbit.

You and your furry best pal will look adorable as you keep the frosty weather at bay in these – extremely reasonable – Fairisle Christmas Pet Jumpers.


Pet jumpers – which come in various shades – are priced at £3.99. The sweet penguin design is my personal fave, but this will all depend on your pet’s individual sense of fashion.

The pet jumpers come in three different sizes too – small, medium and large – really taking into account how pets come in all different shapes and sizes. Also, you can get your big dog and your tiny dog matching woollies which will be adorable…

There are of course regular human jumpers, in sizes to fit the whole family; £7.99 for adults and £5.99 for kids.

This really isn’t bad value at all when you look at some of the prices out on the high street, and there are some really cool designs too, from ‘lilac unicorn’ to one bearing the relatable slogan: ‘Eat, sleep, turkey, repeat’.


On the website, Aldi have said:

Despite their natural furry coats, some pets require a little more warmth over winter, whether they’re dozing in the house or running about on a brisk walk.

Our Pet Collection Unicorn Christmas Pet Jumpers are designed to be suitable for both, with three sizes available and a button hole to put the lead through.

Anyone else now feel a little ashamed for letting their dog run around in the freezing cold in the nuddy? Apologies Pip…

The product description reads:

Festive holiday clothing doesn’t have to end in your own wardrobe.

Available in both classic green and white and a navy blue penguin design, our Fairisle Christmas Pet Jumpers will ensure that your furry friend stays warm and cosy during winter – and they’ll look adorable too!

With three sizes to choose from, you’ll be set for Christmas walkies!

Aldi also advise you keep an eye on your furry friend while they are wearing their jumper – just to make sure they aren’t too overheated or restricted.

The jumpers have already sold out online, but you can still snap one up in your local Aldi store – if you’re quick.

Thrifty shoppers are already posting some excellent photographs of themselves posing in their new matching woollies.

Cãrla Hicks from Plymouth shared a photo of her and her pooch looking cosy on Facebook, with the following comment:

If there’s anyone on here who’s as obsessed with their dog AND Christmas as me, you’ll be pleased to know Aldi are doing matching Christmas jumpers in various colours.

Cãrla Hicks/Facebook

Look, your dog has been a dedicated good boy all year long. He has kept that dastardly postman away and has efficiently barked you awake during many a lie in.

Now is the time for his snuggly-warm reward. Why not pop this festive treat in his stocking this Christmas season? And get yourself a matching one while you are at it too…