Aldi Selling 3D Printers And They’re Incredibly Cheap


You wouldn’t neccessarily put Aldi and 3D printer in the same sentence. I mean, I probably wouldn’t put 3D printer in the same sentence as anything because, well, they don’t really have a hold on any aspect of my life. 

But now that you can get them from legendary budget retailer Aldi, I’m slightly more interested.

What a year it’s been the supermarket. First there was the hot tub back in March, then there was the award winning £10 bottle of gin. After that came the low-calorie £2.99 bottle of wine, the wine advent calendar, the chocolate wine, the £18 critically acclaimed bottle of whisky, the three litre bottle of prosecco (and proseco-infused sausages), the vegan ice cream, and last but not least, the Yorkshire pudding burrito.


In short: Aldi is lit. Also: wow does it cater to alcoholics.

Their Balco 3D printer, which costs a respectable £299.99 (I have no idea, I’m not savvy on the market), is far cheaper than the Curry’s PC World equivalent which sets you back a whopping £900.

I’m not too sure how much of Aldi’s target audience would be doing with a 3D printer given they’re still in their ‘Twitter circa 2006’ period where it’s like, ‘What’s the point in having that?’

Look at this bad boy:


But if making toys or just printing stuff for kicks is your thing, then you won’t find a better deal anywhere.

I tell a lie, Amazon sometimes flog them for around £175. But the quality is apparently pants.

You can order the Balco printer online from November 19. In the meantime, let’s go over some other Aldi tech stuff, because it’s what they deserve.

Bluetooth Soundbar


The soundest bar of all, and for just £129.99.

This gadget can be connected to your TV and allows you to play Spotify or iHeart radio, depending on how much you care about your cred.

Again, locking horns with Curry’s PC World, Aldo claims the soundbar is 78% cheaper than a speaker from one of their stores.

You can also get this from November 19.

55″ Ultra HD LED Smart TV 


This sprawling HD LED tele costs £429.99, which OK, is a bit steep I suppose in the era of online streaming. But hey, some people out there still prioritise top-notch TVs.

Why not get this one? It’s around £500 cheaper than the Samsung one available from John Lewis.

A slightly cheaper one from Argos will set you back £400.

This isn’t the first time Aldi flogged the HD TV. Back in October 2015 it released the same one for £399.99.


So if you love the Aldi one but are attracted to the Argos price, why not create a time machine and go back to October 2015 and buy the Aldi TV for one pound less than its Argos rival?

Yeah, it’d be complicated, harrowing and probably a lot more costly than just forking out the £429.99 but, you know, where would we be in life without a bit of spontaneity?

This world needs dreamers and if you can’t – ah I’m off on a tangent here. See you later guys.