Aldi’s Christmas Advert Takes The P*ss Out Of John Lewis



Not only do Aldi offers the best range of high quality great value cheeses on the market, they’ve also proven their humourous advertising to be second to none.

The Swedish supermarket just won the battle for greatest Christmas advert, knocking long-standing favourite John Lewis off the top spot on the Christmas tree.

But how did they do it?

Take the piss out of the hype surrounding the John Lewis Christmas ads, of course.

The star of Aldi’s Christmas campaign, Kevin the Carrot is seen hyperventilating over the high-end department store’s offerings of joy and goodwill, straight onto our TV screens – an event that for many of us now marks the beginning of the festive season.

But, in a festive fight the likes of which we haven’t seen since last time the Monopoly board came out,  it seems Kevin the Carrot has bounced Buster the Boxer.

Although there are many admirers of Aldi’s quick wit and high production values, some people have noticed a narrative flaw in the full advert, which introduces us to Kev on Christmas Eve…

On a fully laid table prepared for a Christmas Day feast.

A lot of people are very angry that Aldi made Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. To be fair, if there’s ever a time for sticking hard and fast to tradition, it’s Christmas. Otherwise why the fuck do I still have to put up with Brussels sprouts every goddamn year?

Although some question whether the magic of Yuletide can keep an entire roast warm all through the night, I have faith. Praise be to Aldi.