‘Alexa’ Responds Hilariously After Guy Keeps Asking To Play Baby Shark


Alexa, the virtual assistant… we think we know her don’t we? She’s there for us in times of need. A friendship which will never die or experience bumps in the road.

Well, we’re wrong. Alexa can get sassy. She can turn on us whenever she damn pleases.

Don’t believe me, then this watch this video of a man asking his own Amazon device to play the Baby Shark song which is doing the rounds at the minute.

Go on:

Baby Shark is the brainchild of Pinkfong; a Korean YouTube channel which helps children learn through catchy sing-along videos.

The song concerns a three-generational family of sharks, who are all hungry, and a little fish who is quite rightly urged to swim away from them.

It’s since been watched 3.3 billion times, making it one of the top 40 most-viewed YouTube videos ever, and has even sparked a controversial viral challenge where fans dance alongside moving cars while dressed as sharks.

In the above video, a male voice can be heard asking: ‘Alexa, play Baby Shark.’

She apparently replies:

Listen there are other songs besides that one. I don’t mind playing it every now and then but this is getting ridiculous. You know I can do other things besides playing Baby Shark.

I can tell you the weather. I can even count to 100. But I’m getting damn tired of that shark song. So if you ask me again, I’m gonna tell you where to put that shark. Hey I’m just joking, teehee.

Terrifying really, when you think about it. That teehee at the end? The forced, robotic quality of it? Chills, if you ask me.

The Baby Shark song is marginally less scary, and it isn’t just kids who’ve fallen under its weird spell. Adults at a spinning class had the time of their lives when their gym instructor incorporated Baby Shark into their workout routine.

A video shot at Activ Health Club in Belfast shows spin class members trying out the famous shark moves, while cycling away to their heart’s content. Imagine a spin class but even more unbearable.

The video has since gone viral, with exercise dodgers and devotees alike uniting in delight and amusement at the alternative take.

One person beamed, ‘finally found a class I’d be interested in!!’ While another remarked, ‘they are so happy, Humanity restored’.

Have they seen this video, though? The one with Alexa categorically taking its owner for a walk down whoop-ass avenue?

Come back to me after and tell me you’re happy.

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