‘Alien-Like Sushi Spider’ Discovered In Australia

sushi spider australiaWilliam Williamson/Facebook

If there’s anything I learned from a year’s backpacking around Australia it’s the nastier spiders are the smaller ones and sushi is delicious.

Well praise the Lord of Lethal Fauna because now the two have combined in a ‘burn that thing to hell’ kind of way.

A guy from Sydney took to social media to share a pic of a spider he found that bore a resemblance to a piece of uramaki sushi.

William Williamson – name of the year award, right there – posted the pic to the Sutherland Shire group and left members gobsmacked, and quite possible a little bit peckish.

One person commented:

At first glance I thought this was a piece of sushi.

Someone seasonly spotted:

Is this what Easter bunny or dog spat out? Yuk..

Another added:

Looks like it ate a marshmallow.

Dr Tanya Latty, a Sydney University entomolgist, told Yahoo News Australia the colourful critter is a Ordgarius magnificus spider, commonly known as the Magnificent Spider.

‘An awesome name for an awesome spider,’ Dr Latty said.

Unlike most spiders the Magnificent Spider doesn’t create webs but instead uses a glob of glue at the end of a silken thread to catch its prey.

Fortunately humans do not fall under that category. So stop your crying and enjoy the colourful creature for its looks, as well as its good intentions in not wanting to kill humans.

Dr Latty added:

They are amazing animals and are superstars in the garden where they can help keep the pest population under control.

The Australian Museum says the spiders can grow up to 2.5cm in length, so if you’re Down Under you can have a look for one of these guys in your back yard safe in the knowledge they won’t try to hurt you. As opposed to whatever else you may find.

Prefer your spiders in the more giant variety? Well here’s something to put you in a spin.

Lisa Van Kula Donovan, aka wannabe_entomologist on Instagram, shot a vid of this big fella last year, and TBQH I’m loving the little Sydney even more now.

Giant Spider Crawls On Hand

NOPE… This giant spider is terrifying 😩🕷

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You can keep your hot weather and sandy beaches, I’m staying here.

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