All-Inclusive ‘Bud And Breakfast’ Finds Loophole To Cater For Tourist Stoners

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Smoking Cannabis has been legal in Colorado since 2012, and although anti-weed activists would have you think the state had gone to hell it is actually prospering.

That is not to say the laws are entirely relaxed, it is still illegal to smoke in public and as most hotels prohibit smoking of any kind, tourists visiting the state will have a harder time than perhaps anticipated in getting stoned.

That is where Joel and Lisa Schneider’s bed and breakfast in Silverthorne, Colorado, comes in.

They allow paying visitors somewhere off the street to enjoy their ganj, along with some incredible cooking plus a complimentary bar of seven marijuana strains.


As reported by The Guardian Joel gave up a three-decade career in law to enter the booming marijuana market, and while sitting paranoid in a motel he had his breakthrough.

He said:

I was blowing smoke into the toilet with the shower on, a towel under the door, totally paranoid.

It defeated the whole purpose of cannabis, which should be about relaxing and being social.

We don’t run a crack house – we’re a high-end establishment. We’re about creating a communal atmosphere where guests come together and all have one common passion: cannabis.

Lisa added:

It’s not fun sitting by yourself and smoking. It’s fun to be with other people and talk about what you bought at the dispensary.


A single night in the Schneiders’ inn ranges from $169-219 (roughly £117-152) depending on which room you would like.

From the looks of the breakfast alone it is a fair price to pay.

The Guardian does report there are other options for pot enthusiast tourists, but ‘marijuana clubs’ carry the potential for visitors to be arrested.

The clubs attempt to bypass public smoking laws by making visitors pay a membership fee and thus enter a private lounge to smoke, but at present they remain illegal in Denver.

So why take the risk when you can visit the Schneiders and enjoy happy hour at – you guessed it- 4:20.

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