Alleged Burglar Sneaks Into House And Hides Under Bed For Three Days

by : UNILAD on : 23 Jul 2015 14:15
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An alleged burglar broke into a house and for some bizarre reason decided to stay there for three days, hidden under a bed.


A homeowner in Sportswood, New Jersey was unsurprisingly alarmed to find Jason Hubbard lurking under a bed in his spare room.

Turns out he’d been there for three days, where he spent the time charging his four phones using a nearby electrical outlet, and doing not much else.

Road SportswoodRoad SportswoodSportswood Police

He managed to slip into the house through an open door when the homeowner went to take out the rubbish.


Hubbard’s now been charged with criminal trespass, burglary and theft of services (those four mobile phones are coming back to haunt him), and with his bail set at $50,000 it’s turned out be one of the most expensive games of hide-and-seek ever.

He definitely won though. At least he’ll always have that.

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    Alleged burglar Jason Hubbard hides under bed for three days at home in New Jersey, police say