Allegra Stratton’s Tearful Resignation Video Raises Questions

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Questions have risen over the tearful resignation of Allegra Stratton, former spokesperson for the Prime Minister, in the aftermath of damning leaked footage. 

The 41-year-old resigned from her post as a government adviser after she was caught on camera laughing about an alleged Christmas party that took place, breaking social distancing rules, at 10 Downing Street last year. However, members of the British public have been left questioning whether her resignation is, in fact, a sign of her being used as a scapegoat for the rest of the Conservative party.



Comedian Nick Dixon appeared on GB News to discuss Stratton’s resignation, following the leaked video that saw her jokingly refer to the alleged gathering as a ‘business meeting’, and later a ‘cheese and wine’ event.

He noted how he thought it ‘fascinating’ that the party ‘didn’t happen, but if but if it did, then everything was followed. And everyone will say, ‘I wasn’t there’.’

‘It’s like if a party happens in an empty forest, does anyone not attend? That’s the question,’ he said.


In relation to Stratton, Dixon stated: 

I felt a little bit of sympathy for Allegra Stratton, because I’ve been attacked on the internet a bit, so imagine getting attacked by the whole country. I know there’s not much sympathy for her at the moment, but that would make you emotional.

She has been made the scapegoat a little bit. Everyone’s saying they laughed at us. I thought her laughter was more embarrassment and awkwardness.

Dixon concluded that he was on board with the fact the country had been ‘metaphorical[ly] laugh[ed]’ at by the government, but that he thought Stratton had been ‘made a bit of a scapegoat’.


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Other social media users were quick to echo the comedian’s views, and to also suggest that the government adviser’s resignation could prove that the party did actually occur.

Sam Bright noted how ‘ironically’, Stratton’s ‘(forced) resignation is surely an open acknowledgement that the party did happen’.

‘If it didn’t, she was caught joking about a fictitious party, which is silly but not a sackable offence,’ he said.


Alongside Stratton’s resignation, calls have been growing for other members of parliament to resign, particularly for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who while having denied the claims of such a party was grilled during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, December 8.

It was previously announced that the Metropolitan Police would review the footage, however, according to a statement, the video does not provide enough evidence to warrant an investigation.

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