Alligator With Taste For Human Flesh Ends Burglary In Most Gruesome Way

by : UNILAD on : 09 Dec 2015 02:08

Police in Florida have confirmed they have found the body of a missing man inside a lake, and they believe he was killed and eaten by an alligator.


Matthew Riggins was just 22-years-old and had been missing for ten days before his body was found, but the reason he encountered the massive animal has left some people unsympathetic.

Riggins was being hunted by police after residents of the lake at Barefoot Bay reported two men acting suspiciously while dressed in black on November 10.

A helicopter and a K9 unit were deployed to track Riggins, and deputies have reported that he called his girlfriend before he jumped a fence and hid in the lake.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

The dive team that recovered the body said they were ‘aggressively approached’ by an 11-foot alligator in the lake and suspected it was the culprit behind Riggins death.

The gator was put down in the interest of human safety, and following examination “remains consistent with the injuries to Riggins” were discovered inside the animal’s stomach.

Chuck Stotes, a local resident, told reporters:

I would say it’s poetic justice, you want to sit there and steal from people,.”

Wow. Criminals don’t deserve a pat on the back but surely you wouldn’t wish such a painful death on them. Although the crocodilian’s ability to spot a law breaker will go down well in Indonesia.


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    'Burglar' eaten by alligator as he hid from police