Amateur Baker Makes Uncomfortably Realistic Prince George Cake In Competition

Laura Mason/ Getty

Remember when bonnie Prince George was born and we were all thinking ‘Fuck I hope somebody bakes a life-size cake of that lad’? Well now they have!

Laura Mason, 29, took the nation’s interests into her own hands when she entered the Cake International competition in Birmingham with nothing but sweet, cakey victory on the brain.

Standing at just under 3ft tall, the sponge cake took over 30 hours to make, is made from 10kg of icing, and for some reason has iced snails on the base. Because reasons.

Laura Mason

Laura has previously won the competition with life-sized Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence cakes, and this year beat Jurassic Park and Star Wars themed creations to 1st place.

Cake International

No news on what she’s planning on putting together for next year, but personally I’d like to see her have a crack at a life-sized Jabba the Hutt cake.