Amazing Moment Dog Who Fell Down Well Rescued In Time For Christmas

by : UNILAD on : 22 Dec 2015 16:06
YouTube/Harmony Fund

A blind dog who was trapped down a 26-foot well for months has finally been rescued in time for Christmas.


As reported by the Mail Online, the unfortunate pup – named ‘Christmas’, believe it or not – either fell or was thrown down the deep well near Bosnia, and only stayed alive for its months in the makeshift prison because kind children threw food down to him.

Fortunately, animal rescuers Fahrudin Caki Bravo and Ratko Koblar heard of the animal’s plight, and touching video footage shows the moment Bravo was lowered into the well via a rope to save the poor canine.

Once inside the well, Bravo wrapped an orange jacket around the dog and pulled him to safety. Despite having been trapped down the well for months, the mutt was found to be in good shape.


Speaking to Good Morning America, Laura Simpson, founder of the Harmony Fund, said:

Surprisingly, the dog is in fairly good, physical condition. The blindness of course is from a pre-existing condition, but he’s now in foster care and we’re hoping he can find a home where he’s loved and respected in the way he should be.

The Harmony Fund works to rescue animals in dire conditions around the world, including in war-torn areas.

This video shows how important their work is and this beautiful moment should warm even the coldest of hearts this holiday season!

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    Touching moment dog who fell down a 26-foot well and was trapped there for MONTHS is finally rescued and named Christmas