Amazing Moment Pointless Contestant Finds Answer Right In Front Of Her


There comes a time in everyone’s life when we’re stuck for an answer so we look around us desperately searching for clues.


It happens in high school tests, interviews and apparently sometimes, on game shows.

Linda and Ian were faced with a bit of a challenge when the subject Artists Who Featured in the Top 40 of the Biggest Selling Albums Of 2015 came up while they were on Pointless.


Stuck and looking around for clues, one was starring Linda right in the face.

She provided host Alexander Armstrong’s ‘A Year of Songs’ – a covers album that reached number six in the UK charts – as a potential Pointless answer.

It’s a real thing, if you didn’t know:

“Well I’d be very flattered,” Armstrong said. “I’m very surprised… that’s a very expensive way of flattering me, but thank you.”


Turns out it was not only correct, but this happened:

And it’s fair to say Armstrong was impressed:


As the counter reached the bottom – scoring Linda a perfect nil total as well as adding £250 onto the total cash prize – it was clear Armstrong couldn’t contain his excitement.


He said: “That has taken the wind out of me… I had no idea!”

In case you’re not caught up with your UK Top 40, ‘A Year of Songs’ was released in November 2015 and peaked at number six on the UK albums chart, as well as topping the UK Classical Albums chart.

Lucky for Linda and Ian, it also helped bag them an extra 250 quid.