American Gun Manufacturer Produces Handgun For Seniors And The Disabled

Palm Pistol

In one corner Americans are fighting for stricter gun laws, in the other they are making it easier to kill each other…I mean ‘protect’ themselves.

Say hello to the Palm Pistol, designed for those who may struggle with a conventional firearm and inexplicably available via a doctor’s prescription.

The gun is fired via a button activated by the users thumb, but only holds one shot. I suppose one shot is all it takes to end the life of another human though.

Incredibly the Palm Pistol website also states this as the ideal weapon for a woman. They are obviously on a physical par with those who have arthritis or are in wheelchairs owing to the fact they don’t have a penis.

Palm Pistol

Matthew Carmel, CEO of of Constitution Arms obviously has his reasons for producing the company’s latest creation.

He said:

Because seniors and the disabled suffer a disproportionate share of being victims to crime. Most precisely because they are vulnerable. I find it amazing that the government wouldn’t want to support the most vulnerable sectors of our society.

I didn’t think it was going to be this big, I thought it was going to be for a small niche of people. I can’t tell you the number of emails I’m getting. I’m overwhelmed.”

Fox news shockingly discussed the product by pointing out how incredibly ridiculous it is, and all the potential pitfalls it brings too.

“They may not outrun you, but they can still outgun you”. Classy.