American Guy’s Earth Sandwich With Random Indian Guy Goes Instantly Viral

by : UNILAD on : 10 Feb 2018 19:30

The modern age has seen international conflict and once good diplomatic relations turn sour, which is why it’s heartwarming to know, even though the leaders of different countries can’t get along, its citizens can still find harmony with one another… even in the strangest ways.


The bond between American Lee St. John and his new-found friend, Subash Luitel, from India, is a perfect example, proving all the world’s problems can be solved with a sandwich… an ‘Earth sandwich’ that is.

If you’re confused right now I don’t blame you, the concept sounds incredibly weird and somewhat convoluted, but the intentions are good and hilarious.

The idea was spawned from the mind of Lee, who had ambitions of building an ‘Earth sandwich’ – four hours later he got in contact with Subash Luitel – at random keep in mind – he didn’t know him prior to this – to pull it off.


Quite simply, the two would place a piece of bread on the ground, one in Lee’s hometown of Minnesota and the other in Luitel’s home in Delhi.

It sounds silly but the Earth is officially compacted inbetween two slices of bread and if you can grasp this concept maybe it does mean the world’s flat and the concept of oxygen around the planet’s atmosphere is a complete fabrication*. Honestly is this even ‘life’ anymore?

How have I come to this conclusion? Maybe because Stone’s post on the whole matter has gone viral (as all odd things tend to do), accumulating over 100,000 retweets and hundreds of shares on Facebook.

Even Subash, God bless his soul, was confused by the concept, at first, but after a series of messages between his new-found American friend, he soon came around to the ridiculous stunt.

Speaking to Mashable, Lee explained how the idea originally came to him:

I was just bored one night and thought it would be awesome to connect with a stranger from the other side of the world to pull off something funny and amazing.

Thanks to the magic we all have at our fingertips, I was able to do that.


While I do sound very cynical towards this absolute waste-of-time stunt, I will say the positives out of it come from the fact two complete strangers on different sides of the world were able to come together and form a friendship – albeit out of something so mundane and whatless.

It shows how even though we may have a cynical and somewhat blasé attitude towards social media, good things can come out of it.

Also, since going viral, Lee has taken the opportunity to raise awareness for his two charities which are near and dear to him; Chive Charities and Heroes Meeting Heroes.

Well done guys!

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