American Manages To Combine Guns And Bacon In Glorious Act Of Patriotism

by : UNILAD on : 18 Sep 2015 16:59
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Americans love guns. And they love meat. So, naturally, they really love guns and meat. Together.


As this video demonstrates. In it, some true patriots have found a way to combine their love of powerful weaponry and high fat meats.

Competitive shooter Dustin Ellermann is the patriot in question, Munchies reports. The video shows him wrapping bacon round the barrel of an M16 assault rifle, and cooking it with the heat of the barrel after letting off a few rounds. Ninety rounds, to be precise, 90 rounds and three minutes of firing.

The layer of tin foil keeps the bacon held tightly to the barrel. As he eats the delicious gun bacon he tells his friend: “Let’s go kill some more pigs.” Fucking A.*


“So much ‘Merica right now”. Yes, yes there is Dustin.

*UNILAD does not condone the slaughter of innocent pigs, obvs.

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