American Teen Filmed Giving Guy Head On A Ferris Wheel



This guy just had the ride of his life.

Now, we all love the fair – spirits are high, the lights are mesmeric, the candyfloss sugar injection is overwhelming.

But while most of us manage to keep the excitement PG, this couple refused to be held down by public indecency orders or general courtesy.

At the San Diego County Fair in California, a young couple was filmed having a little too much fun on the ferris wheel. Spectators of this magical moment reported seeing the girl’s head bobbing up and down.

Although the ferris wheel is the least high-octane ride at the fair, the pair weren’t satisfied with enjoying the view. In fact, the woman in question can’t have seen much beyond her partner’s groin.

A rather judgemental Natasia Peterkin said of the incident:

She’s just humiliating and showing how little respect she has for herself. The guy doesn’t care. But then again he got no respect for her or himself either.

While the more laid-back Kevin Zaragoza was all for the PDA:

You’re all too sensitive. This is what life is about, right here, this is everything. Respect to him and her, they’re living it up. Have fun.

Although the couple were in breach of Californian public decency law – which states any person who exposes themselves is guilty of a misdemeanour – props to them on a love so passionate it can conquer the boredom of the ferris wheel.

Maybe she was just practising for the big apple bobbing contest of 2016.