Americans Are Debating Things That Brits Do Which They Think Are Strange

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 10 Sep 2021 18:21
Americans debate 'strange' Brits - PAPA

Americans have taken to the internet to debate all the things which Brits do which they think are strange, which is apparently quite a lot. 

Us Brits have often carried a reputation for many strange and unique habits, however Americans have now decided to take to Reddit to call them all out.


To be fair, the cheeky Redditer has us Brits spot on from the get go, starting off the debate with the first ‘strange’ Brit habit of ‘apologising for everything’.

Children of the British School and the BAOR kindergarten wave little German and British flags to spectators before the farewell parade of the British soldiers stationed in Moenchengladbach, Germany, 12 July 2013. The British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) had had their headquarters in Moenchengladbach since 1954. - Roland Weihrauch/DPA/PA ImagesPA

Brits may be known for saying sorry at every given opportunity, but they are also apparently known for going ‘to hospital without taking a credit card’, according to another Reddit user.

A Brit joked back in response that ‘obviously we still take our cards so that we can pay for the ludicrously overpriced chocolate bar at the vending machine’.


Apparently Brits aren’t only notorious for their polite and forgetful nature and overpriced chocolate bars, but a whole lot more too.

You can see the thread here: 

The post, started by u/pizza-on-pineapple (a controversial name in itself) has since amassed over 2,400 votes and a whopping 4,400 comments as Americans have poured in to add to the debate around all the ‘strange’ things Brits do. One said: ‘Not associating guns with freedom.’


Another commented:

Pantomimes at Christmas. It’s fun explaining it to any non-Brit as it seems to be uniquely British and utterly bizarre when you get down to it.

A third wrote: ‘Greeting people with “Alright?”‘


It turns out that Americans are indeed baffled by more than just Brit’s walking habits, but all manners of activities from pantomime fun, the concept of Christmas cracker hats and baked beans on toast.

From a lack of electrical sockets in Brits’ bathrooms, to the presence of a kitchen door, who knew that Brits could be considered so scandalous. We apologise, alright?

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u/pizza-on-pineapple/ Reddit
  1. u/pizza-on-pineapple/ Reddit

    What are some things Brits do that Americans think are strange?