Americans Reveal The Terrifying Things They Keep In Their Pockets

by : UNILAD on : 06 Sep 2016 16:04

Disclaimer: these Americans are not being ironic.

It turns out there’s a subreddit called Everyday Carry (EDC), which is home to loads of trigger-happy people (mainly from the U.S) who empty their pockets and show the world what interesting items they carry day to day.

Until you scroll through, it’s hard to believe the number of ‘normal’ people with standard jobs who just happen to have a couple of knives and a handgun in their pockets.


There are so many posts to look at, but here are a few people that I would definitely ‘fire’ if they worked for me…

As long as this headteacher is off-duty it’s fine, right? His stormtrooper neck-handkerchief is the only redeeming item here:

I knew software developing was hard… but not this ‘ard:


Everyday carries for an Emergency Medical Technician. Stethoscope? Check. Rubber gloves? Check. LOCK-BACK KNIFE? CHECK:

21/M/EMT. from EDC

I mean, ‘self employed’ sounds dodgy, especially when you have a 5-inch blade next to your gold chain and wad of cash:


Apparently, if you’re an American just going for a casual stroll through NYC you need three girthy-as-fuck knives:

Not to shoot this guy down but this seems pretty over the top for an engineer…


It’s cute when Brits try to join in the fun but the most lethal weapon they have is a fully-loaded Sharpie marker:

This takes self-defence to a whole new level.

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