Americans Rush To Buy Low-Cost Flamethrowers Before They Get Banned

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2015 19:08
XM42-10-810x544 Ion Productions TeamXM42-10-810x544 Ion Productions Team

If you’re American and in the market for a low-cost flamethrower then you better get a move on. Some US cities may soon be banning them, the massive spoilsports.


The Ion XM42 is capable of shooting flames over 25 feet, and when fully tanked up can burn for around 35 seconds. Weighing in at only ten pounds, it really is the ideal… thing (?) to have. To do legal stuff with. I guess.

The company has shifted 350 units already, at the bargain price of $900 (about £580).

In California you need a licence to own one, and in Maryland they’re straight up banned, but in large parts of American they’re perfectly legal.


There is currently no federal regulation against the possession, manufacture, sale or use of the flamethrowers, as they don’t officially qualify as firearms – despite the fact that they are, essentially, an arm that shoots fire.

Jim Fouts, Mayor of Warren, Michigan, has expressed concern over their use, saying:

This is a pretty dangerous mix because it’s a combination of butane and gasoline which is highly flammable. Anybody who aims this at someone else or something happens and it happens close to them is going to be close to be incinerated.

He added:

I can’t think of something more horrific than to burn somebody alive, and that’s what this would do.

XM42-11-810x540 Ion Productions TeamXM42-11-810x540 Ion Productions Team

Chris Byars, CEO of one of the two companies that sells commercially available flamethrowers in the US, has defended his product. He says he’s an advocate of personal freedom and responsibility, and says people should be allowed to own what they like as long as they aren’t in a position to harm other people.

And in an email to ARS Technica he said: “Business is skyrocketing higher than ever due to the discussion on prohibition”.


So what are you waiting for? Get ‘em whilst they’re hot! And legal.

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    Americans Rush To Buy These Low-Cost Flamethrowers Ahead Of Ban