America’s Standing In The World Higher Under Biden Than Trump, Poll Shows

by : Cameron Frew on : 02 May 2021 15:11
America's Standing In The World Higher Under Biden Than Trump, Poll ShowsPA

America’s global image is better under President Joe Biden compared to Donald Trump, a new poll has shown.

Biden recently passed his first 100 days, once said by Franklin Roosevelt as a measure of one’s success as POTUS. There’s been successes, such as a robust vaccine rollout and executive orders undoing Trumpian policies, and criticisms, like the border ‘crisis’ and federal attitudes to marijuana amid rampant legalisation.


One thing is unmistakable: the news cycle around the White House has been far less turbulent since Trump’s departure on January 20. As such, it’s unsurprising to see the nation’s global standing improve under the new president.

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According to series of polls conducted by Politico and Morning Consult, America’s image has improved by an average of nine points since Biden’s inauguration. Of the countries surveyed, Germany registered the highest difference, with the US seen 22% more favourably now than before.

Dr. Christian Welzel, vice president of the World Values Survey Association, said: ‘Most Western Europeans, and Germans are most emblematic here, dislike a hawkish US foreign policy, for which reason George W. Bush had pretty bad approval ratings. With Trump, this effect just exponentiated.’


He added: ‘Biden is widely considered as a more than welcome relief, especially with the return to the Paris Accord and his administration’s attempt to recover the transatlantic bond.’

Improvements were recorded by respondents from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, the UK and even the US.

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The only country to view America less favourably than before was China, whose rating dipped 9%.


Dr. David Farber, a University of Kansas professor, also said: ‘International opinion of the United States, in many nations, is genuinely contingent on American actions.’

He added: ‘People in many nations around the world are, I think, hopeful, that the election of Joe Biden marks a rejection of Trump’s America First bullying and go-it-alone international policies and a return to a more collaborative, pro-democracy approach to international affairs.’

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