An Anti-Nazi Song Is Top Of The German Charts Again To Welcome Refugees

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2015 13:59
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As Germany continues to be a glowing example to the rest of Europe in their handling of the refugee crisis, an anti-Nazi song which topped the charts in the 1990s is back at No. 1 again as a statement of support for refugees and a protest against right-wing extremists.


Indeed, despite the nation’s wide show of support for the millions fleeing civil war and persecution in Syria, there are extremists staging anti-refugee protests across Germany too.

However, the song Cry For Love rather sticks it to those protesting the country’s welcome to those in need, with German band Die Ärzte proclaiming in the lyrics, “Your violence is just a silent cry for love”.

Calling out extremists, the song also adds, “Your army boots are longing for affection. You never learned to articulate yourself. And your parents never had time for you.” Strong words!


The renewed success of the song is thanks to an initiative started by German music teacher Gerhard Torges. Horrified by the way certain Germans were stirring up hatred against refugees, Torges and his supporters took to social media and urged people to download and share the song. Within days, the song achieved the top spot in music downloads.

The band itself have stressed that they are not benefiting financially from the song’s success, writing on their website:

We certainly do not want to make money out of this, and will donate all earnings [generated by the song] to Pro Asyl [an organisation helping refugees]. We wish all Nazis and their sympathizers bad entertainment.

This is an amazing statement from the German people!

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