An Australian Town’s Only Pub Burned Down, Please Help Them Get Drunk Again

by : UNILAD on : 12 Aug 2015 10:22
14332219421433221942Buchan Caves Hotel before the blaze

We all know how much Australians like a drink.


So imagine how devastated the residents of this small town must be, after the pub that serves as the community’s social hub burned down.

The Buchan Caves Hotel, in the small town of Buchan, Victoria, was engulfed in flames last year, a devastating blow to the local community.

BuchansBuchansBuchan Caves Hotel engulfed in flames

The former owner Greg Brick said in a statement:


The pub was the heart and soul of our community. If someone died, you held the wake there, if a baby was born, we celebrated the birth there. We had grown men standing outside the burning pub drowning in tears. The pub was our social centre and it kept the community connected.

The town relies on the tourist trade that passes through every year on their way to the Snowy River scenic trail, and without the pub this trade just passes them by. Not to mention locals are struggling to get pissed.

As a solution, the town has set up a crowdfunding page to get the historic pub up and running again.

19451945Buchan Caves Hotel in 1945

Please give generously, together we can help get an Australian drunk today.

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