An Exclusive Look Inside David Beckham’s New House

by : UNILAD on : 18 Oct 2015 10:16
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The Beckhams are considered pretty much English royalty, and everyone loves all round nice guy David.


So when he hung up his football boots and moved back to the UK, no one minded too much.

Now, after selling ‘Beckingham Palace’, as their former home was dubbed, the family are set to buy a £27 million sprawling estate.

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It’s 24 times the size of a typical house in England – pretty impressive – ad has ten bedrooms, along with six bathrooms.

The estate is in Gloucestershire, and has enough land for 380 football pitches.

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Unsurprisingly, it is the most expensive home currently on sale in the UK, but given the Beckham’s combined net worth is more than the GDP of a small country, that’s really not going to bother them too much.

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