Andrew Lincoln’s Ending For ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Perfect


In an unbelievably meta moment, you can now watch Rick from The Walking Dead describe how he thinks Rick should die. 

Andrew Lincoln, who has played the charismatic leader of men, Rick Grimes, for seven glorious seasons preempted the loss of his character’s life during Paleyfest, much to the delight of the audience.

Lincoln plays the ‘archetypal hero’ who has been brought down to his lowest by the brutal narrative of The Walking Dead. However strong Grimes may be, that hasn’t stopped Lincoln from imagining his demise.


Lincoln’s proposal goes a little something like this: In a very heroic act, involving lots of kung-fu kicking – so Lincoln can ‘earn his action figure’ – Rick Grimes gets bitten.

Yet, after days of battling the bite, he doesn’t die. He realises he must be the cure. Lincoln continues to describe how he envisions the final ever scene as a beautiful high shot, depicting a heard of zombies hurtling towards Rick.

You can watch his full creative reenactment of the fictional finale below:

And Rick, ever the survivalist gets up and walks towards his impending doom, at which point the zombies separate and let him pass.

Considering so many fan favourites have met an untimely demise throughout The Walking Dead, surely Rick will suffer the same fate?