Andros Townsend’s Girlfriend Hilariously Confuses Football Manager With Real Life

by : UNILAD on : 19 Sep 2015 16:37

Football Manager is a way of life for plenty of people.

Sometimes, it’s even hard to remember it’s just a game – but most people manage it.


Hilariously, the same cannot be said for Tottenham Hotspur player Andros Townsend’s girlfriend, who mistakenly thought he had been fined for turning up late for training, after seeing a post on Twitter from the game.


She then messaged Townsend, who himself was confused about the apparent fine – until he saw the screenshot and it all began to make sense.


Of course the Spurs player took to Twitter to make fun of his girlfriend, and saw his post become far more successful than his club side could probably ever dream of being.

Townsend’s girlfriend meanwhile was probably just pleased he hadn’t been playing away from home instead of going to training.

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