Angry Bird’s Movie Encourages Audience To Play On Phone During Film, Kind Of

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Angry Birds may not be out in cinemas yet but it’s already caused an explosive reaction amongst film goers because of it’s unique viral marketing. 

As part of the build up to the film’s release the furious fowls are getting a shiny new mobile game, Angry Birds Action!

And players are being encouraged to unlock extra levels and content in the game by scanning codes on merchandise and even in the movie itself, Mashable reports. 

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Yes, in news that would cause even Mark Kermode’s immaculately quaffed barnet to stand on end, the people behind The Angry Bird’s Movie are encouraging film goers to get their phones out during the film!

Now before you get out the torches and pitchforks and march down to the BFI and BBFC demanding this cinema going sin not be allowed to happen, it’s important to know that you only need to use your phones during the closing credits.

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The code is an invisible, digital watermark embedded in the movie which unlocks a new area of the game and an unaired clip of the movie, but it’s still technically encouraging people to use their phones during a film.

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The decision to allow phone use to scan codes comes only a few weeks after AMC were forced to back down from their planned ‘texting screenings’ where people would have been allowed to text away to their hearts content, which surely defeats the point of watching a film in the first place.

Honestly though if you need to use your phone during a showing, please do everyone a favour and leave the theatre, you don’t want to make people angry…