Angry Dad Faces Prosecution After He Confronts School Bully


An angry father who confronted bullies who he claims have made his children’s lives miserable – and even broke his son’s arm – is now facing prosecution.

Christopher Cooper, 37, says his son Braiden, 9, and daughter Millie, 11 have been bullied savagely by a gang of tormentors since they started at a North Walney Primary School in Cumbria just over a year ago.

Fed up with the treatment of his children, Cooper confronted the bullies and then took to Facebook.

Feel absolutely lost. Very few people know what I’m about to post. My two youngest children Millie (11) and Braiden (9)…

Posted by Christopher Cooper on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

He wrote:

Within a couple of weeks their education and childhoods were turned upside down by the school bully.

He and his little gang threw Millie to the floor and then stood around her kicking her in the ribs.

Upset, she removed her glasses to wipe her tears – the bullies response was to tell a younger child to stamp on her glasses, breaking them.


Cooper added that he approached the school but was told it was not their problem. So instead, he found out where the bully lived and approached the parents to let them know what was going on. The father-of-two then claims he was met with hostility, and nothing was done.

The abuse continued, and within the next month Braiden had his arm broken. As any frustrated dad in this position would probably do, Cooper decided to approach the bully himself. He brought his daughter along with him and claims that he didn’t touch or threaten him – he just simply told the kid to leave his children alone.

But the result of his confrontation is that he is now under investigation by the police and at risk of losing his career.

He said: “What an absolute joke. What options were I left with?”


According to Cooper, both of his children have been left ‘so emotionally affected’ that he’s concerned Millie ‘is on the verge of having an eating disorder’ and Braiden has been caught ‘physically making himself sick to avoid going to school.’ Cooper says he feels ‘absolutely lost.’

So far, nothing has been done, and he’s received summons to court for May 26 for confronting the bully.

How ridiculous. Here’s to hoping those kids stop bullying Cooper’s children and get a fair punishment for the harm they’ve caused.