Angry ‘Karen’ Threatens To Call Council On Busker Because She ‘Can’t Sing’

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A busker singing on the street was harassed by a woman who apparently had a big issue with the performer’s vocal talents.

A video has gone viral, revealing an incident involving a young singer and a mad ‘Karen’. The video was shared by Shanice Forster, a singer with the TikTok handle of @shaniceforstermusic and Instagram username @shaniceforster, who recorded her interaction with an angry woman who was passing by.


Prefacing the video, Forster wrote, ‘There’s always a Karen out there tryna bring you down, but it ain’t happening’, adding ‘kill the haters with kindness’.


‘You can’t bloody sing anyway, you’re putting people off,’ the angry woman can be heard yelling at Forster. ‘You’re getting reported to the council.’

After being initially taken aback by the woman’s remarks about her vocal talents, Forster began to respond in a cool and calm manner. She repeatedly asked the angry woman if she was okay and expressed that the council actually gave her permission to sing at her current location.


During the bizarre interaction, Forster can be heard saying, ‘Mate, I don’t know if you’re upset today…’ At this point a remarkable thing took place, as another person walking by decided to stick up for Forster while the angry woman continued to harass her.



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Currently, Forster’s video has been viewed nearly two million times and the comments are flooded with support for the singer.

One comment reads, ‘you handled that with class’, while another reads ‘keep doing what your doing and don’t let anyone tell you different’. Another comment praised those who came to Forsters defence, saying ‘so much respect for the lady that stoop up for you… don’t know how you stayed so calm’.


It’s easy to see how someone could lose their cool when an angry Karen comes by, but Forster is giving thousands of people hope that surely it can be done.

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