Angry Kebab Shop Customer Gets Instant Karma After Belittling Staff


Few things in life are as satisfying as witnessing somebody being an insufferable jerk moments before getting some instant karma.

Uploaded to YouTube by user oneeyednewt, the clip is almost as cringey as it is satisfying. The hulk-like anger of this woman is trained like a laser beam on the kebab shop staff for getting the wrong coloured peppers on her children’s food, before telling them to speak English around her.

Not satisfied with looking like the worlds biggest dumbass already, the woman repeatedly shouts the phrase “this is America, and you get it right the first time.” Exclaiming loudly that she’s too busy to wait 15 minutes for a new meal, the woman sweeps across the shop and straight into the closed door like the moron she is.

Anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry will have come up against somebody like this, and it’s good to know that they usually get what’s coming to them.