Angry Man Drives All Way To London To Tear Down Burglar’s Shrine


A man has driven to London to remove a ‘shrine’ left in memory of a burglar who died after breaking into the home of a pensioner.

Floral tributes, ribbons, balloons and cards had been left in memory of the burglar near the home of Richard Osborn-Brooks, the man believed to have confronted two men, who’d illegally entered his home on Wednesday morning (April 4).

The trespasser, now named as Henry Vincent, a ‘career burglar’, was found by paramedics collapsed in the road outside ‘covered in blood’. He was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead at 3.37am.

You can watch the footage here:

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Osborn-Brooks, who hasn’t returned to his home, was arrested and questioned on suspicion of murder but was released and won’t face any further action.

Following Vincent’s death, dozens of tributes were left, attached on a nearby fence on the Hither Green property by his friends and family.

A man by the name of Cecil Coley was left so angered by the tributes being left so close to the home of Osborn-Brooks, he drove to the street, removed the ‘shrine’ and took the flowers to a local graveyard.

Cecil wrote on Facebook:

When I heard that the family of Henry Vincent (the burglar that got stabbed to death by his intended victim), had placed flowers on the road where he died, I was extremely furious.

So I drove to South London, to the road, and saw the flowers and stuff. I noticed some unlawfully attached onto a fence, which is someone’s private property, so the gentle who owns the house gave me verbal consent to remove. [sic]

He told me he was intending on removing the flowers himself tomorrow, but I gladly did it for him voluntarily, afterall he was an elderly gentleman himself as well. [sic]

He then posted a second video of him taking the flowers and donating them to a local graveyard.

part 2

Posted by Cecil Coley on Monday, 9 April 2018

He added:

Donated the flowers to local graveyard. When I heard about the flowers and balloons being left there, it infuriated me, so I just drove to south London, to the area to see it myself. Decided to remove the trash though. I was happy to do my civil duty. [sic]

Cecil told UNILAD:

When I read online that the scene of crime where Henry Vincent died happened to be the same road as where Richard Osborn-Brooks lived, and the Vincent family and friends had been placing flowers for memorial, I found it disrespectful towards law abiding good samaritans, so I just decided to go there myself and see it. The thought of removing flowers came later.


Among the flowers were notes containing messages such as ‘you’ll be missed and ‘I love you’.

A card from one of Vincent’s daughters read:

They don’t know what they’re on about, they only know what they read, but I will try my hardest to get people to understand who you really was. [sic]

Sorry dad that I wasn’t with you and tell you that everything was going to be alright, you must have been frightened by yourself.

I’ll stand up for you dad, I won’t let you down ‘cos I know you wouldn’t let me down.

It’s not known what became of the messages left behind.

Richard Osborn-Brooks/Facebook

Residents had already expressed their anger at the tributes, meaning Cecil probably did them all a huge favour by getting rid of them.

One of the neighbours told The Sun:

If it was safe for him to return, that shrine would turn his stomach.

These people should accept Vincent was the architect of his own death, yet they come here and rub it in Richard’s face. They have no shame. Richard is the real victim here.

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