Angry Russian Driver Smashes Car Windscreen With Golf Club In Road Rage Incident


Road rage incidents aren’t exactly uncommon nowadays but trust Russia to take things to a whole new level.

In a reaction which would probably make even Hull legend Ronnie Pickering blush, this angry driver had a pretty outrageous response during an argument.

With the rise in car crashes in Russia, it’s now pretty common for dashcams to come fitted with a camera – something we’re pretty happy about, considering it gives us the chance to watch crazy footage like this.

This particular video shows how the guy driving a red Volkswagen Beetle, of all things, cuts off another couple on the road. Naturally, the driver responds by honking his horn.

But, apparently, that understandable response incensed this nutter so much that he pulled over, hopped out of his car and grabbed a golf club from the boot in order to take out his unnecessary frustrations on this unfortunate guy’s windshield.

Who knows if the bloke was even a golfer? Maybe he just needs a precautionary 3 iron on hand at all times, just in case people make fun of his mode of transportation or don’t accept the fact that he’s a terrible driver.