Angry US Motorist Challenges Ronnie Pickering For Road Rage Crown


Ahh, road rage.

On the same day we brought you news of a Ronnie Pickering revival, with the great man himself making an appearance at a nightclub in Coventry, we have a new contender for the road rage crown.

This American man is pretty fucking angry, confronting a teenager who apparently crossed the road in front of him without looking, and dropping F-Bombs like they’re going out of motherfucking style.

The motorcyclist who filmed the incident in Sterling, Virginia, Michael Crawford, told local media: “I figured maybe I should go over and let him know he’s being recorded and that there’s another adult present and hopefully de-escalate the situation.”

He is extremely angry, but backs down pretty quickly, saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing because he’s ‘in shock’ and ‘needs help’. In my humble opinion, Ronnie fucking Pickering would have him in a bare knuckle street fight any day of the year.