Angry White Guy Declares He ‘Settled’ Brooklyn For Other White Families


Metro US/YouTube
And the award for biggest douchebag of the week goes to…this guy.

Following what could have been an innocuous exchange in the street, a white American angrily declares to another white man that he ‘settled’ Brooklyn for other white families.

What is it that could have made this man so angry? He was bumped by a mother walking her baby in its pushchair. Does she not know who this guy is?

“Don’t fucking come at me dude, I’ll kill you with one punch!” says the man clearly not in control of his emotions, whilst stood right next to a cop.

His ridiculous claims did not stop there though, oh no. The rage-filled man descends into a nonsensical speech about how his counterparts are enjoying a sense of ‘white privilege’, before adding they could not even have lived in that part of Brooklyn if it weren’t for folks like him ‘settling’ the area.

The man has since been dubbed the Christopher Columbus of Brooklyn, enjoy.

In his rambling he did make one salient point at least, she should definitely be more careful about who she pushes that stroller into. Some people are nuts.