Animal Rights Activists Take Dog Away From Weeping Homeless Owner

Sky News/YouTube

A homeless man in Paris had his dog taken from him by animal rights activists as he wept in the street.

The man is left completely devastated at the loss of his four legged friend, and the video makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Cause Animale Nord is the french charity responsible for the dog’s removal, and they say they did it for the sake of the dog’s welfare.

Daily Mirror

According to the activists the dog was believed to have been supplied with drugs, they say it had dilated pupils as evidence of this, and it was neither vaccinated nor chipped.

Whatever their justification, the manner in which the operation is carried out is just brutal and has led to an online petition to have the charity’s actions investigated.

So far it has been signed by over 175,000 people demanding the charity prove their accusations.

The dog is also quite clearly in a state of distress as it is ripped away from its owner, yelping in a panicked state.

Following the incident the charity has advertised the canine on Facebook in order to re-home it.

There is a hideously bitter irony that the activists would go to such extreme lengths to aid the dog, but heaven forbid they treat a homeless man like a fellow human being.