Animal Shelter Accused Of Killing 2,000 Cats And Dogs ‘Slowly And Painfully’

by : Tom Percival on : 25 Nov 2016 16:17
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The manager of an animal shelter in Spain has gone to court over allegations she illegally killed over 2,000 dogs and cats.


Carmen Marin Aguilar, along with the janitor at the Parque Animal centre in Torremolinos, on the Costa del Sol, is accused of injecting lethal drugs directly into the animals without any previous sedation instead of intravenously as recommended.

The pair also allegedly used smaller doses of the euthanasia drug than was recommended as a way of saving cash, schnauzi.com reports.


Local judicial authorities believe this would have caused the animals in question to suffer a ‘slow and painful agony’.


Prosecutors said:

The animals were submitted to a slow and painful agony, which was totally unjustified and which the accused were aware of since the animals contorted in pain in front of them for hours.

It’s alleged that between January 2009 and October 2010 the pair killed 2,183 animals and prosecutors went so far as to call their supposed crimes ‘mass extinctions’.


It’s reported that the two would disconnect security cameras when they committed their crimes and would play loud music to hide the cries of animals.

The majority of the animals that were killed were reportedly in good health, young and in some cases were even put down only days after being dropped off at the shelter.


Prosecutors are asking that Ms Aguilar be given a four-year jail term for animal abuse, document falsification and the illegal exercise of the veterinary profession.


The trial continues with both involved denying the allegations against them.

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    Animal Shelter Accused Of Killing 2,000 Cats And Dogs 'Slowly And Painfully'