Anna Kendrick Hilariously Explains How ‘Vagina’ Can Be Used As A Verb

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America’s sweetheart Anna Kendrick has brought a word to the world’s attention we never knew we needed.


Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kendrick said that while she’s been filming Pitch Perfect 3: The Eye of Braxus in Atlanta, she got a grammar lesson from the franchise’s latest director (and OK Go music video choreographer) Trish Sie.

The lesson? How, in addition to its usual noun form, ‘vagina’ can also be used as a verb.

Yes, vagina-ing.

Watch her explain it here:


Kendrick told Meyers:

It’s really helpful that she comes from the dance world because it’s involved in the movie, but some of her direction has been amazing and I feel like I’m just learning a lot about what body movements are.

There was a scene in the first week of shooting, she came in and she was trying to get one of the characters to do a lewd body movement, and she was like, ‘So I think, you know, you’re just over here and just like vagina-ing on the couch.’

I didn’t know vagina-ing could be a verb.


But the actress puts it down to Sie’s expertise as a choreographer as proof that it can – and is – in fact a real word. She said: “She’s a choreographer. This is her world. I’m just trying — I’m learning a lot.”

If you’re confused at what ‘vagina-ing’ actually entails, as Kendrick puts it, the action involves thrusting your hips in a lewd manner – ideally while sitting.

The gesture itself is a bit obscene, but not enough that the Pitch Perfect actress couldn’t perform a small demonstration in front of a live audience.

How exactly you can weave the word into your day-to-day language may vary from person to person.

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    Anna Kendrick Learned Vagina Can Be a Verb