Anonymous Reveals What The Government ‘Really Found’ In Antarctica

What the government want you to think Antarctica looks like - Vincent van Zeijst Via Wikimedia

The hacktivist group Anonymous have ‘revealed’ the chilling (Get it, because it’s cold there) secret the U.S. government discovered in Antarctica back in the 1940s.

According to the V for Vendetta mask wearing lot the continent has always been surrounded in mystery but nothing’s more mysterious than Operation Highjump, an alleged invasion of Antarctica by UFOs.

Yeah you read that right, UFOs. You may be tempted to go back to scrolling though Facebook after reading that but please read on because this is only the tip of the crazy iceberg.

What Antarctica really looks like, probably? I don't know...

Anonymous report that Operation Highjump was military event shrouded in mystery but we do know that it was a fast moving operation which required a surprising amount of military might especially considering World War 2 had just ended.

They also quote a naval commander at the time, Admiral Ramsey, as saying that ‘no diplomatic negotiations’ were required for the operation, which would make sense considering the mission’s official goal which was to establish whether a base could be built there.

But why let official stories get in the way of fantastical bullshit!

Universal Pictures

Anyway on with the nonsense, Anonymous report that Admiral Byrd, the man behind Operation Highjump, was summoned to Washington and interrogated by the Security Services upon his return home.

Once in Washington he reportedly had a meeting with Secretary of Defense James Forrestal where he declared that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions like the poles as there were flying objects that could ‘fly from Pole to Pole with incredible speeds’.

So who were the enemy? Well, supposedly, it may have been the remnants of the German army who’d established bases in Antarctica and developed UFOs – probably should have used them to win the war as opposed to hiding them away in Antarctica, but what do I know I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I mean historian.

To be fair the Nazi’s did actually send researchers to Antarctica and established an area known as New Swabia (Named for the Swastika) but they never made any formal territorial claims in the area and I doubt they built UFOs there.

Adding to the drama is Forrestal’s suicide only a few months after his meeting with Byrd, which led to unsubstantiated claims he’d been murdered despite his well documented battles with mental illness.

Is it a cave or a UFO bunker? It's a cave.

These days Antarctica’s a pretty calm place with over thirty nations performing research on the last undiscovered continent, although there are still claims of underground caves full of UFOs and sightings of silver disks.

And while this would be compelling evidence the only people who seem to talk about it are people with YouTube channels with names that would even have Fox Mulder thinking twice about trusting…