Another Baby Dolphin Died Because Tourists Wanted Selfies With It

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jan 2017 11:57

Yet again people can’t seem to contain their selfishness, resulting in another death of a helpless, baby dolphin. 


Not even a year on since the last horrendous incident, where a baby dolphin was mobbed for selfies on the Argentinian coast, it’s happened again, the Daily Mail reports.

People clearly haven’t learnt their lesson, as they crowded round a defenceless dolphin, after it had been cruelly pulled out of the sea just so that tourists could take a selfie.


The poor animal was kept out of the water – which, note to the idiotic people responsible for this, it needs for survival – for too long, meaning it died a painful death on the beach.


The horrific incident was caught on camera, showing hoards of people surrounding the innocent creature as they desperately grabbed at it.

The helpless mammal was hauled out of the sea last week Sunday at San Bernado, south of Buenos Aires.

A witness, Claudia, described the harrowing situation and the fact the selfish crowd let the suffering dolphin die at their feet.

She said:

He was young and came to the shore.

They could have returned him to the water — in fact, he was breathing. But everyone started taking photos and touching him.

They said he was already dead.


Less than a year ago, a similar horrendous incident happened, when a young dolphin unfortunately swam too close to the sunbathing tourists in Argentina and was mauled to death.


The ill-fated animal died of suspected dehydration after it was paraded around by holidaymakers, before it was heartbreakingly discarded.

And now nnother animal has tragically suffered at the hands of humans in pretty much the same incident as before.

Here’s the full upsetting video:

When will we learn to have some respect for living creatures?

This is why we cam’t have nice things.

RIP baby dolphin number two.

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    Baby dolphin dies after mob of tourists take it out of the water to take SELFIES on Argentinian beach