Another Game Of Thrones Actor Has Opened Up About Season Six

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As the eagerly anticipated season six of Game Of Thrones draws closer actress Sophie Turner (Sansa) has spoken about her character’s role.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal  Turner revealed that the her long run of misery and oppression may be about to end, reports Mashable.


Turner said:

This season is about Sansa taking charge and being a leader, rather than just like a pawn in someone else’s game.

This is a big season for her. She’s really going to thrive this season.


But she also dropped a few wider hints about the upcoming series…


Season six feels like everything’s kind of coming together. People are forming alliances with other characters, and everyone’s kind of coming towards the same goal.

She revealed that there are going to be some huge shocks this season and said that, in her opinion, it will be the best series yet and will ‘blow people’s minds’.


However, it wasn’t all about season six. Turner also shared her thoughts on the controversial depiction of women in Game of Thrones, and the infamous rape scene from season five.

“In those times, in that situation, those things did happen,” she said. “And we’re not a show, obviously, to kind of distract from the brutality of those times.


She also said she believed it would be an injustice if the show saw history through rose-tinted glasses and made a fairytale, rather than a realistic version of how women had been treated.


She added:

This isn’t a popular opinion, but I think it’s definitely a feminist show. In this show, the strongest characters are the female characters.


Let’s hope Ramsay Bolton gets a much deserved dose of bad luck and Sansa does have a turnaround in her fortunes, unlike poor dead Jon Snow…

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