Another New England Patriots Player Won’t Visit Trump At The White House


A New England Patriots player has said he will refuse to visit Trump at the White House if his team is invited there.

Defensive back Devin McCourty insisted yesterday (February 4) that he would not be joining his team if the Super Bowl champions are invited by the president.

His teammate and twin brother Jason, 31, added that he will most likely join his brother, saying he highly doubts he would make the trip.

McCourty’s team, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 3) after a 13-3 victory against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta.

As reported by the Daily Mail, it was a day after their victory that McCourty made his statement, giving a straight ‘no’ answer when asked by reporters if he would make the visit.

His twin brother Jason wasn’t as insistent as Devin, however he did say that he ‘highly doubts’ he will visit the POTUS.

Devin McCourty and JasonPA

Addressing reporters, Jason said:

I haven’t thought about it, but I highly doubt it.

At this point, his brother reportedly accused Jason of lying in a playful way – after which Jason agreed that there was virtually ‘zero chance’ he would go to the White House.

With the president’s track record – what with the government shutdown and his ‘build a wall’ campaign – it’s easy to see why there’s perhaps a teensy bit of bitterness towards him from not only NFL players but the entire population too.

So it’s understandable to see such notable players such as the McCourty twins stand up for what they believe in and make their views known.

But the twins aren’t the only players to make their political viewpoints known; Tom Brady, who led the Patriots to a sixth championship in their franchise history, is reportedly the proud owner of a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

A fact which has led Harry Potter himself – aka Daniel Radcliffe – to call out the quarterback about his presumed support of Trump.

Speaking to Variety at Sundance Festival on Saturday 26 January, Radcliffe jokingly said he’ll be supporting the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 Super Bowl since Brady is a Trump supporter.

Radcliffe was promoting his new show Miracle Workers when he was asked who he’d be supporting at the upcoming Super Bowl.

He said:

Rams. Cause like the whole world is rooting against the Patriots… sorry.

When asked if Tom Brady should retire, he said no but joked that ‘he should stop winning things’.

The actor then joked:

Take that MAGA hat out of your locker. I feel like that was the moment when as a country we were all like, ‘Come on, dude! You’re awesome… Don’t put that in here’.

So Rams. I don’t know if they’re going to win but I want them to.

In case you missed it, Brady gave an interview in 2015 with the press from his locker room and a red ‘Make American Great Again’ hat was visibly perched on a shelf in the backdrop.

Tom BradyGetty

However, after Trump attacked athletes who knelt or refused to sing during the national anthem prior to football games, Brady withdrew public support for the president.

So perhaps Radcliffe’s criticism of the quarterback was a tad uncalled for? I guess we’ll see when (if) the team get invited to the White House.

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