Another Ocarina Of Time Location Stunningly Remade In Unreal Engine


CryZENx needs to chill the fuck out. This guy has repeatedly punched me in the feels by bringing locations from Ocarina of Time bang up to date in Unreal Engine 4.

His latest effort is very hot stuff. Do you see? Because it’s Gerudo Valley, which leads to the desert, so it’d be hot. Yeah? Nailed it.


Anyway, if you jump back to his early videos and watch through all his Ocarina recreations, there is clear and present progression that genuinely impresses. I mean, just look at the heat ripples in the air, and the dust blowing about underneath Link’s boots.

I’ve never been a sucker for textures, but fuck me even the rocks look lovely. I’d much rather Nintendo focus on giving us a great new Zelda game (I’m starting to think Zelda Wii U was nothing more than a fever dream) but if they ever unveiled anything like this at E3, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

Oh, and am I the only one that would have been really bothered if Link hadn’t jumped off the bridge in the end? It’s the done thing, after all.