Another Wonderfully Chaotic Trailer For “FPS Movie” Hardcore Henry


The more I see of Hardcore Henry, the less cynical I get and the more I realise it just looks like a fucking fun film to go and watch. A second trailer has now dropped for the first person action bonanza, and it’s looking great.

Hardcore Henry is directed by Ilya Naishuller and follows the adventure of a mute, amnesiac cyborg who was brought back from the dead by his wife. It’s kind of like Peep Show, if Peep Show were an over the top orgy of explosions, bullets, and death. So it’s not really like Peep Show at all, in conclusion.

The first trailer was all about filling you in on the story of Hardcore Henry. This second tease is much briefer, simply allowing the set pieces to speak for themselves, along with some critical praise from the likes of Nerdist and Engadget.

Check out trailer number two below, and tell me you don’t think it’d be an enjoyable way to spend around 90 minutes of your life.

This is probably gonna be a fairly divisive film, but as long as you can adjust your filter and go in knowing you’re not about to witness the next Shawshank Redemption or Dark Knight, it should be a good laugh. Certainly, there’s not gonna be anything else like it on the big screen this year.