Ant & Dec Ruthlessly Prank James Corden In Hilarious Video


Ant and Dec played a brutal prank on James Corden when they made him believe a man had been seriously hurt on his U.S. show. 

The prank was part of the popular ‘Undercover’ segment of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and saw the cheeky Geordie duo head to the states to visit the set of James’ hit show, The Late Late Show.

The unsuspecting James’ troubles began when he couldn’t even get passed the security guard for the studio, who fails to recognise the star despite there being a huge billboard with a picture of James’ face on the side of the building.

and dec 1ITV

From there things only get worse for James and when he eventually makes it past the guard he finds a delivery van parked in his spot. Now to be fair to James he manages to keep his cool, despite being told by the van driver that he’ll have to park somewhere else. Although he does pull a particularly bemused face at they guy.

Later on, when James finally manages to park up and get to work, the show is thrown into pandemonium while they film a segment called ‘Face your Fiancé’.

The game gets two couples to test how well they know each other, but James doesn’t know that Ant and Dec have replaced the real contestants with two actresses.

and dec 2ITV

When their fiancés appear on TV screens to join them, who are actually Ant and Dec in disguise, host James is left very red-faced by the game’s embarrassing questions and even more cringe worthy answers.

Things go from bad to worse for James though as Ant and Dec up their game, and Ant’s character Michael appears to suffer a serious accident when a bookshelf collapses on top of him live on air.

and dec 3ITV

The mortified James is left flabbergasted as his team tell him it’s not good and the screen cuts to black. The boys don’t leave Corden to suffer for long though and soon make an appearance shocking the surprised TV host.

Poor James probably thought he’d got away with embarrassing British telly when he went to the U.S….