Ant McPartlin Faces New Battle After Leaving Rehab


Ant McPartlin faces a new battle after returning home from a two-month stint in rehab for his addiction to prescription pain killers.

It was widely reported Ant suffers from chronic pain which is caused by a problem with his right knee, and he became addicted to the painkillers he was taking to help.

Now, out of rehab and hopefully going in the right direction, Ant is reportedly confronting his next battle – saving his marriage.


According to The Sun, Ant and his wife, Lisa, have been trying to save their marriage after the presenter said he’d put her ‘through hell with mood swings and depression’ while he was battling addiction.

It has been reported Ant mum has moved his mum, Christine, into his home in Chiswick to help him adjust back to life outside rehab.

During an interview with The Sun, after leaving rehab, Ant said ‘time will tell’ when he was asked if his marriage would ‘cope’.


I would just say it’s a very private matter. We’ve struggled. Like a lot of couples do. It’s very personal.

Wishing you all the best, Ant.