Anti-Fascism Protesters Cornered Neo-Nazis At ‘White Man March’ In Liverpool

by : UNILAD on : 15 Aug 2015 17:54

Controversial far-right group National Action were forced to cancel their ‘White Man March’ through the streets of Liverpool today following major protests against the racist group.


Members of National Action took to the streets for what was described as the “biggest neo-Nazi rally in the UK”, and 150 members, with some allegedly coming from Russia, France and Germany, were due to attend the march this morning.

However, the locals were not happy about the event, and the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN) took to the streets of the city themselves and held their own march to protest against the racist rally.

Prior to the protests, National Action actually sent a sinister letter to Mayor Joe Anderson, threatening to cause race riots if he cancelled the racist march and promising the city “will go up in flames”.


The White Man March did indeed go ahead but it wasn’t long before the AFN and Liverpool locals decided to take a stand against the group.

And they let the fascist group know exactly what they thought of the rally and the group’s beliefs.

A Facebook video, posted by Zeke Tafari, quickly went viral, showing a number of Liverpudlians mocking the white power group, with one guy shouting “you’ve got no fans!”, before throwing bananas at the cornered fascists.

My favourite part was throwing bananas at the Nazi's ☺️

Posted by Zeke Tafari on Saturday, 15 August 2015


In total, six people were arrested and one man was treated for facial injuries during the protest.

We get the feeling that the National Action lads won’t be too keen to visit Liverpool again, any time soon!

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