Anti-ISIS Hackers Furious After Twitter Bans Their Accounts

HackerWikimedia Commons

Anonymous hackers who have been wreaking havoc on pro-ISIS Twitter accounts have lashed out at the social network after it banned them.

According to the Mirror, the hackers, who work under the hashtag #OpISIS, began their war on Islamic State in the aftermath of the Paris attacks which killed 130 people in November last year.

Over 125,000 accounts have since been removed for ‘threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS’.

However, the ‘hacktivists’ claim that among those accounts removed were also many belonging to hackers.

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Hackers from Anonymous, Ghost Sec, and Ctrl Sec have argued that Twitter is shutting down their sites and causing a detrimental prevention to their war on the Islamic State.

In a post on Twitter in February, WauchulaGhost said:

Who suspended 125,000 accounts? Anonymous. Anonymous affiliated groups and everyday citizens.

You do realize if we stopped reporting terrorist accounts and graphic images, twitter would be flooded with terrorists.

Stop suspending accounts that are reporting terrorists.

The hackers, who aim to use their skill to do good in the world, have also argued that Twitter is not doing enough to tackle terrorists on social media, while adding that the site has not provided an explanation.

However, some were able to get their accounts back online:

Hackers have also stated that they believe Twitter is exaggerating its attempts to fight ISIS on social media.